Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nurgle Deathguard Scratchbuilt Warhound Armed

Head is solidly attached & detachable and I finished some very basic weapons. It's the plasma blastgun and the turbo laser destructor. I also have another weapon coming, the vulcan mega-bolter. No detail work done so they look silly but it gives an idea what the final product will be like. I'm still not sure if I like the shape. I was going to model them after the forgeworld and Internet scratchbuild plans but since I've deviated so much from the original plans anyways, I might just toss the design and redo them completely from scratch. Since they're magnetized it will be easy to build something new later on. Engineering issues popped up when the right leg snapped from the weight. The original glue substitute I used wasn't as strong as I hoped so I redid the legs completely in PC7. Next step is to design and put on his shin plates and waist guard.

Scratchbuilding and painting:


Plague Reaper

Warhound's Necrotic Companions

Fellios the Fallen and cohorts

New table

Chaos Lord

Chosen squad

Scratchbuilt Greater Daemon

Scratchbuilt Rhino

Epic Titans

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Regular Battle reports

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First time facing pure Necrons

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Don’s IG on a new board

Nurgle Annihilated by Blood Angels

1st time versus Tarkand

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Nurgle Downs the Sisters

Faceoff with the Lions of Achaea on a brand new board

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La Chute de Dominus Org (Fr.)

Fall of Dominus Org (Eng.)

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Experimental Games

NERFed Battle with the Tau


Easter Egg hunt

Super Heavy Scrum

1st Spearhead Match

A tenuous alliance


Chaos Ludik 2011!

Storms Cityfight Tournament: part 2

Storms Cityfight Tournament: part 1

’Ard Boyz Practice Match against Valkom’s IG

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Gorillapod tripod test with remote

Warhammer in a nutshell

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