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Battle Report #4 - Easter Egg Hunt - Page 1

Realising that not everyone might want to commit themselves to a chaotic orgy of destruction dedicated to father Nurgle, I came up with a "cute" scenario involving popping units that drop eggs and then carrying those eggs to your basket. The rules were as follows:

It's a regular 1500 pt battle, annihilation with a twist. Each side
designates 20 models as Easter eggs. When these models die, they drop an easter
egg in their wake. The only way to score points is to collect the Easter eggs
and return them to your basket. The player with the most eggs at the end of the
game wins.


1) You get no points for your own Easter eggs
but you can move them anywhere you want, shoot units carrying them, etc...

2) The opposing players designate the location of your Easter egg
basket. It must be outside of any deployment zones.

3) A single model
worth less than 100 pts can only drop 1 egg upon dying. However, from 101-200
pts, the model must be worth 2 eggs, from 201-300 = 2 eggs, 301-400 = 3 eggs,
etc.. One player can only ever give 20 easter eggs total.

4) Models can
pick up Easter eggs in the movement phase by coming into contact with the egg.
This does not interrupt their movement. Thus if a model can move 12", and the
egg is only 6" away, the model can pick up the egg and move another 6". However,
if a model is encumbered in this way, it cannot shoot. It can close assault but
it must drop the egg beforehand and collect it in the next movement phase.

5) Vehicles and walkers can only collect eggs if they can carry troops,
and they can carry as many eggs as they have transport capacity. This means a
rhino which can carry 10 troops can carry 10 eggs. It also means that a rhino
could collect several eggs in the same movement phase if they were all bunched

6) Once a model carrying an Easter egg makes contact with
their own basket, they drop the eggs in and are then unencumbered for the
shooting phase. Opposing factions can steal eggs from other players' baskets by
coming into base-to-base contact with the enemies' basket. To steal an egg from
an opposing player's model, you must destroy the model.

7) The player
with the most Easter eggs in the end phase of the final turn wins the game.

The game had 3 seasons in which certain forces bloomed. Turn 1-2, the springtime of the game, the Eldar flourished, butchering the Nids. The Nids then came into their own in turn 3-4, making a solid push into the ranks of all the armies, and turn 5-6 really belonged to the Tau. Nurgle didn't accomplish much, due to some serious tactical errors I made, but I did get to blast a few big things which was fun. Despite this seasonal theme however, the Tyranids still won due to a power rush with a lot of eggs at the end and Nurgle came in 2nd due to a tank exploding in my basket. Tau and Eldar were tied for 3rd place.

Eldar Setup

Eldar loadout: 1500 pts - Ta'ran Strikeforce Vaida

Warlock unit Eldrad Ulthran + Warlock Unit + Warlock x3
Striking Scorpions x5 + Exarch
Dire Avengers x9 + Exarch + Weapon Platform
Guardian Jetbike Squad x 3
Fast Attack:
Swooping Hawks x 5 +Exarch
Vyper Squadron x 2
Heavy Support:
Rangers x 5 ?

Tyranid Setup

Tyranid Loadout: 1500 pts

Hive Tyrant with wings
2 Zoanthropes with Pod
2 Hive Guard
10 gaunts
1 Tervigon with adrenal glands and Toxic sacs
4 Warriors with deathspitters and rending claws
14 Hormagaunts with Toxic sacs and adrenal glands
1 Carnifex with Brainleech worms and Bio-plasma in Pod
1 Trygon

Nurgle Setup

Nurgle Loadout: 1500 pts


Plague Princess - Proxy Daemon Prince(ss) - Wings+ Wind of Chaos


Chosen Squads x5 x 2 + 8 plasma guns + 2 lascannons


Plague Marines x 5 + 2 flamers + icon

Chaos Space Marines Squad x 5 x 2 + 2 flamers

Fast Attack:

Raptor Squad x 8 + Champ + Powerfist + 2 meltas

Heavy Support:

2 Land Raiders

Tau Setup

Tau Loadout:


Commander Shas'o

Crisis Bodyguard x2


Crisis Battlesuit x 3
Stealthsuits x 4 + leader x 2 squads

Fire warrior x 8 + Shas'ui x3 squads
Kroot carnivore squad + hounds x 15 x 2 squads

Fast attack:

Piranha light skimmer x 1

Heavy Support:

Hammerhead x 1


Scratchbuilding and painting:


Plague Reaper

Warhound's Necrotic Companions

Fellios the Fallen and cohorts

New table

Chaos Lord

Chosen squad

Scratchbuilt Greater Daemon

Scratchbuilt Rhino

Epic Titans

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