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Apocalypse Battle Report: Eldar vs. Nurgle or Chester Gets Schooled!

This one is a bit late so the details are a bit fuzzy. Didn't have the time I usually have to write it up since I was playing and modeling too much.
C'est un peu vieux donc j'ai oublié les détails.

So, without further ado...
Donc, ont commences?

The Eldar player held everything in reserve whereas I put most of my army on the table. End result, winning the initiative was rendered worthless.
Le joueur Eldar a gardé tout en réserve mais moi j'ai sorti presque tout. Ma premier grosse erreur. Gagné Init étais inutile pour moi.

Targets arrive but a little too late
Les Eldar arrive mais trôp tard

I had nothing to shoot with my warhound when it was my turn and then he blew the force D weapon off when it came to his turn.
J'ai eu rien à pété pour mon tour et lui a détruit l'arme force D de Chester dès qu'ils sont arrivé.

Chester gets an arm blown off when he tries to make some new friends. Eldar are meanies...
Pauvre Chester, ces nouveaux amies ne sont pas gentils

I knew it was downhill from there. However, I took the game as a learning experience and decided I would consider it research into Eldar armoury and tactics.
J'ai connu que le jeu sont perdu la, mais j'ai considéré comme genre d'apprentisage des tactiques Eldar.

I managed to protect my daemon princes well enough with the cover available because the Eldar player didn't seem to have that much long range firepower and they both made it into close combat.
J'ai protégé mes Princes Daemons assez bien avec Cover et les deux ont reussi à assaut proche.

Hopscotching Daemon Princes
Saute mouton avec les Princes Daemons

They then proceeded to bang up the grav tanks.
Ils ont continues à abusé les Grav tanks.

Plague Princess having fun
La Princesse des Plagues Joue avec les Grav

Once a squad was sortied, my warhound wasted the entire squad in one shot. The princess got to chew on some guardians as well. It didn't take the eldar player long after that to kill them both though.
Quand elle a sortie le squad, elle la bouffé bien. Malgré, le Joueur Eldar a pété les deux après.

On my side I took some heavy hits when my PMs came on from reserve. Popped from their rhino, 250 pts of dudes were wiped out in one destroyer hit. Then my other squad got hit too.
À mon côté mon squad de PM ont mangé un tir D qui a pété l'escouade dans un coup. Mon autre squad a mangé un coup aussi.

Eldar Revenant Titan in position to smoke my PMs with one destroyer hit
Le Titan Eldar se positionné pour me fais mal

Typhus was beyond pointless because he totally messed up his deepstrike and the eldar player placed him and his termie retinue far away where they proved to be totally useless for the rest of the game.
Typhus a été inutile tout le partie. Il a gâché son Deepstrike et le joueur Eldar le place loins de la bataille.

Bye Bye Typhus
Salut Typhus

By turn 3 I managed to pop the Eldar super heavy with nothing more than my three havoc squads sporting only 1 lascannon each (and a missile launcher instead of a las in one). The havocs survived so long because there was so much multi-level cover. It was impossible to wipe the squad in one shot.
Les havocs a été bon parce qu'il lui protégé avec le terrain multi-niveau. C'est mes Havocs qui ont détruit le super heavy.
Havocs appreciate multi-level cover
Terrain multi-niveau est bon pour les Havocs

The warhound took a lot of abuse but finally kissed it when a full squad of fire dragons maybe popped out with meltas and roasted him from close range.
Chester a été pété finalement par les Fire dragons.
Chester's Deliverance
Délivrance de Chester

With only one troop left each, the eldar player flew up to the objective and grabbed it.
Le joueur Eldar a pris un de les objectif avec son troop squad qui reste.

Eldar player moves on the objective
L'objectif capturé

I only had one or two havocs left to contest and they were quickly wiped out. However, the game came down to my one surviving plague marine. I had an asset that gave me double points for a single objective. My adversary was contesting said objective with a grav tank. His destroyer shot scattered wiping out my PM's buddies but left one alive because my PM was on a different level. The shot also scattered onto my adversary's grav and so all I had to do was roll a 4+ for penetration damage and I would have won. Unfortunately, I rolled a 3 and so my adversary won with his uncontested objective.
J'ai eu juste un ou deux havocs qui reste pour contesté l'objectif de les Eldars, donc ils sont morts vites. Mon objectif il l'a contesté avec un grav et il essayé de me détruire avec un autre tir force D. Malgré pour lui, il l'a scatter et frappé sont grav. J'ai eu un asset qui m'a donne deux points pour mon objectif. Si j'ai roulé 4+ pour dommage de pénétration, je l'ai gagné. Mais non, j'ai roulé un trois.
The crux of the game was whether or not this puppy popped
Tout le partie sont déterminé par un roule de d6 pour si je pété cet grav

In retrospect I needed to not take Typhus and a termie retinue, load up on lascannons, and perhaps have another superheavy because his 2 to my one unbalanced things considerably. I was just eating D shots the whole game without being able to give much back. That, and I will keep Chester in reserve if possible next time and make sure he has his day in the sun.
Pour la prochaine fois, je vais laissé Typhus à la maison. Il sont trôp lent. Aussi, j'ai besoins plus de lascannons, et peut être un autre super heavy. J'ai mangé des tirs D tout le jeu sans être capable de le retourné. Finalement je vais gardé Chester à reserve. Comme ça il peut avoir son journée dans le soleil.

As a final note mini Apocalypse games kick butt. It took only 2 hours maybe and we both got to field some cool gear which we usually aren't allowed. It was a good time against a tough player.
Les jeux Apocalypes en mini sont bien cool. Il l'a pris comme deux heures et nous deux ont eu l'opportunité de joué avec nos modèles prèférés. Un bon temps contre un joueur formidable.


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