Saturday, May 22, 2010

Battle Report #3: Nurgle Tangles With The Sisters!

Things are looking up for Nurgle. At the meetup on May 16th, I decided to try out a new strategy using a Grey Knight type loadout. Basically it was a lot of heavy choices and I hung back and waited for the enemy to come to me. It worked pretty well as I actually won this game.

Au Meetup Mai 16, j'ai essayé un nouveau mélange pour mon armée Nurgle, typiquement utilisé par les Grey Knights. En effet j'ai pris mon maximum des choix Heavy et j'ai tiré de loins. Ca a marché tellement bien que j'ai gagné mon premier match.

Nurgle Loadout/Armée

HQ - Daemon prince, Winged, Wind of Chaos, Mark of Nurgle

Elite - Chosen CA Squad x10 Icon Nurgle, Power Fist x2, Power Weapon, Lightning Claws

Troop - Chaos space Marines x 5

Troop - Plague Marines x 7

Heavy - Oblit Squad x3

Heavy - Land raiders x2 Possessed

Witch Hunters - Loadout/Armée


Canoness #1

Retinue - x5, flame squad, veteran superior

Canoness #2


Battle Sister x 10 2nd Squad

Veteran superior

battle Sister x10 3rd squad

veteran superior

Fast Attack

Seraphim x 5 Squad

veteran superior

Heavy Support


Retributor x 5

Veteran superior

The game was Annihilation with Dawn of War. The first turn was useless for both of us and I forgot to take photos until the 3rd turn. Thus the action is well under way in the photo above.

Le jeu étais Annihilation et Dawn of War. Le premier tour étais nul pour nos deux; et moi, j'ai oublié de les prendres des photos j'usqu'au troisième tour. Alors l'action étais pas mal en cours dans les photos au-dessus.

In turn 2 I popped 2 of his rhinos and blew the weapon off an immolator. My opponent in turn paid me back by trashing one of my land raiders with a deepstrike. Meanwhile my CSM functioned as a distraction as my opponent wasted a sizeable squad on annihilating them when juicier targets were kept further away.

Au deuxième tour j'ai detruit 2 de ces rhinos et j'ai enlevé l'arme d'un immolator, mais mon adversaire m'a inflit de mal en forme de la destruction d'une de mes land raiders. Au meme temps, mes Chaos Space Marines a fonctionné comme égarement quand mon adversaire a gaspillé la force d'un bon squad pour annihilation de cet petit squad.


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  1. My adversary pointed out that the execution of this Chaos Space Marine squad was not such a waste since it was an annihilation game and he scored a point for it.