Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Battle Report #4 - Easter Egg Hunt - Page 3

The next few turns saw most of the deepstrikers coming in, although the Tau were seriously delayed until turn 4. The Nids came first with a nasty Carnifex, but the Eldar dealt swiftly and mercilessly with it. Not sure exactly how they killed it since I don't know their Codex but the Tyranid player was nonplussed.
Looks mean but its just business as usual for an Eldar psycher

Was worth a fair number of eggs, however.

The Eldar dropped in Swooping Hawks who the Nids quickly slaughtered and sent the survivors packin'.

Deepstriking Swooping Hawks

Run Away!

Of course the Nids had more deepstrikers, and I got stuck with it this time, a big ugly Trygon that was intent on dining on my Chaos Space marines. The Hive Tyrant also jumped into the fray and I had nothing to contend with it since my Plague Princess was still tied up with Striking Scorpions.
We have visitors! Trygon Incursion

Bonus! A Hive Tyrant too!

I sent in my Raptors but they scattered deep into the fray, positioning themselves smack dab between the Eldar grav tank, an angry swarm of gaunts + a Tervigon intent on delivering some Easter eggs, and a Tau firing squad. It wasn't pretty but at least their suffering was minimal.

Raptors land: Are you sure this is a good idea, boss?

The tau mopped up the remains of my Chosen with a deepstrike behind my lines. Kroot hounds ripped what was left of my guys to pieces. Sadly I never even got to shoot my lascannons. Maybe next time.

The Chosen' Last Stand - We're overrun!

With the execution of my Raptors and Chosen, my hopes were dim to have any chance of dropping an egg or two in my basket.



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