Saturday, May 15, 2010

Apocalypse Battle Report # 1: Warhound goes nuclear! Page 2

Turn 2 was quite spectacular because here the Nids dropped in their Zoanthropes and it was game over for the Titan. With zoanthropes behind the warhound, a Trygon in front, 2 monoliths closing in from the sides and a hive tyrant itching to charge in; I figured this was it. And it was...

They were all within 12" inches thus no void shields. I had moved him forward in the event that if my opponent did succeed in popping him, maybe the warhound would take a few pieces with him. I could not have imagined the devastation that would ensue!

The zoanthropes scored a number of penetrating hits that did a variety of damage from knocking off structural points to destroying my now favourite weapon. Then the monoliths finished him off scoring a 6 on the apocalyptic damage table. It was wonderful! 24" explosion that took most of both our forces with it in the ensuing flames and flying debris! Everything took a destroyer hit! No more land raiders, hive tyrant, trygon, tervigon, plague marines, etc. It was messy.

My plague princess survived however with her eternal warrior ability. Turns out she was pretty useless against a monolith, though. My chosen squad was whittled down to 2 guys and they joined the assault on the monolith with her. Unfortunately neither of them did anything noteworthy. Lastly, the raptors dropped in by deepstrike but it was looking grim. In fact from that point on the game went downhill for the forces of Nurgle.
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