Sunday, May 9, 2010

Battle Report # 2 - Antibiotic Massacre Page 3

The end of the battle. It wasn't total annihilation but it was close. 1 havoc left, a rhino and 8 plague marines. My opponent held two uncontested objectives and I had none.
Things I'd like to try for next time.
La fin de bataille. Il nètaient pas annihilation mais pas mal proche. Il reste suelement 1 havoc, un rhino et 8 Plague Marines. Mon adversaire a tenu deux objectifs non disputé et moi, jài eu rien. les chose que je veut essayer pour la prochaine partie.
1) Smaller squad size and get my full complement of six troops. I keep getting killed in objective games because I can't hold them. 3 troops is never enough and plague marines are so expensive. Now I have a bunch of regular Chaos marines, I've got guys to hold objectives.
1) Les peloton plus petits pour m'avoir tout mes 6 troops. À cause de le prix cher des PM, je peut pas controle bien les objectifs. Maintenant j'ai plus de troops moin chers comme les CSM, ca peut etre meilleur.
2) Don't be so eager to run up and greet the enemy. I noticed after he hung back the whole game and let me do all the legwork. It opened me up to repeated weaponfire wherein I was just taking damage without giving any out. Like the grey knights, every plague marine is very expensive so the loss of a unit is serious.
2)Comme les Grey knights, c'est important de ne pas perdre meme un PM. Mon adversaire a gardé ses bonhommes à son coté et il m'attendu. C'est moi qui a pris tout les risques avec 3 tours de dommage.
3) Maybe double the HQ and load up on heavies. Hard to do because of the points squeeze but could be interesting. My sorceror could be fun working in tandem with the daemon princess belching Wind of Chaos on everything. Could also try out Typhus, a model I bought ages ago and never actually tried.
3) Peut etre double les HQ et achete plus des heavies. Difficle a faire parce que le prix en points. Ca peut etre bon avec mon sorciere et la princesse daemon vomissaient Wind of Chaos sur tout. Peut etre aussi Typhus.
4) Read the opponent's Codex. `
4) Lis le codex de mon adversaire.
All in all, a fun game despite being butchered. I love the little fortress and the tower. I'll have to get to work building some terrain.
En tout un bon partie malgré d'etre massacré. J'aime le petit forteresse et le tour construit d'une lampe. Je vais construire de terrain dans le futur.

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