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Battle Report #4 - Easter Egg Hunt - Page 5

Turn 5 was brief since we were all getting tired. We'd been playing since 4:30 and it was nearly 11:00.
Turn 5

It was past the Eldar player's bedtime so we took over his pieces for him. That didn't go so well since the only person who really understood them was the Tyranid player. He really had no stake in seeing them deployed effectively against his troops and we were all too tired to deal with them so they were eventually just declared nul.
Does anyone know what these things do?

Then the Tervigon succeeded in delivering her payload and the game was decided after that.
The Nids Decisive Move - Major egg delivery

There was a thin chance after the Tau executed her, that they could take the eggs out of the Nid basket.
The Tau eyeing eggs

This gambit relied on the game enduring a few more turns. Although the Tau player was ready to call it a game, the faint hope of this option convinced him to see it through. As fortune would see it, there was a sixth turn.
Turn 6 - Can the Tau pull it off?

The Nid player did several clever moves, including sending in single models from devastated units to block line of sight to his basket. They couldn't both be targeted being from different units and therefore confused the shooting of the Tau player. The Tyranid warrior made it back to the nest as well and chewed up the few Tau waiting to jump in and snatch some eggs. The game did not endure for a seventh turn and so that was it. Almost annihilated, despite concerted efforts of 3 forces, the Nids won!
The entire Nid army - still enough to win...

And I came in second because although the Kroot squad made it into my basket, they didn't get out with the goods.
Another failed egg grab - another turn would have made all the difference

Lessons Learned:

1) Eldar are mean with their magic.
2) My chosen should not be sent off by themselves into the fray. Much too pricey for that role. As I've seen time and time again, my force works better concentrated due to the small number of units.
3) The Tau are nasty in the end game. If I face them again, I will have to prepare for that.
4) Nids. How can they be stopped? It took the combined power of three forces to run them down and they still won.
5) Play the game by the objectives. I got distracted chasing big shiny targets instead of focusing on the eggs, the main objective. What can I say? I love when things go boom! I had hand-picked a fast force and I didn't use their speed once.
6) Raptors. Always die when I send them ahead. I will try not deep striking them in the future. They're fast enough as it is.
7) Custom games are fun. I will have to design more.

Hope you enjoyed reading.



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