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Battle Report #4 - Easter Egg Hunt - Page 2

Turn 1 - Tyranids swarm forth!

Turn 1 was not so impressive. The Eldar doomed the Tyranid Warriors but to little effect because nobody shot at them. It was pretty clear from the beginning though that the nids would be a problem. His Hive tyrant made a rush for Nurgle, and the rest of his force fanned out against the Eldar and the Tau.

My plan was to use my chosen to clean out anyone attempting to plunder my basket and use my land raiders and princess to make a brute push through to the basket collecting eggs on the way. In my usual A.D.D. style I forgot my plan completely and got distracted by random events. I was a bit concerned that this enraged Hive tyrant was bearing down on me, so I tried taking some potshots at it with my land raider, to no avail. Instead I should have rolled them forward like I originally planned. My Chosen did well taking out the direct threat to my land raiders from the Tau, popping their Hammerhead from the rear with a deadly salvo of plasma, but that would be about all they'd do for the game. I placed them too far away on their own. They were sitting ducks after that. At the end of Turn 1, the Tau were conspicuously absent from the battlefield as there were only 2 squads of fire warriors.

By turn 2 the Eldar started to dish out the pain but the Tyranid paid back in kind. With a bunch of nasty spells like mind warp the Eldar thinned out the ranks of the Nids advancing on their position. All that remained of the hive guard was a shiny white egg.

Dusted Hive Guard

Eldar Frontline

I began to have newfound respect for the power of the Eldar as I'd never faced them in 40k yet, just Epic. I was annoyed however when a squad of striking scorpions deep striked behind my position and tied up my Plague Princess for the next few turns. My plans were effectively nixed then. Several turns later I succeeded in butchering them all but I paid a heavy price, taking 3 wounds in the process.
Meddling Striking Scorpions!

The troubles of my chosen would start here as the falcon grav tank began to take potshots at them whittling down the squads. They tried firing back but to no effect due to protection wards. The tank was plunked down in my egg basket just to add insult to injury. This would however work in my favour in the next few turns.
Grav Tank harrassing poor defenseless Chosen Chaos Marines

The termagaunts spawned from his tervigon made it to a juicy squad of Tau fire warriors who miraculously put up a pretty good fight. The leader survived to take a few nids with him.

Yum yum, juicy fire warriors with less metal bits to break your teeth on!

Turn 3-4 would get really ugly after that.


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