Friday, May 7, 2010

Battle Report #1: Plague Princess Goes to War for the 1st Time Part 5

End result of the game, a brutal massacre. It was supposed to be a snatch and grab type of game but ended in annihilation. I didn't lose a single model, mostly due to the fact I was largely ignored aside from some superficial attacks by the Tau. My previous experience usually involved me getting annihilated. It's a lot more work cleaning up when nothing dies.

Space Marines and Tau both conceded defeat after looking at the debris of their once mighty forces. I think it was unfairly balanced in our favour because the table was so small. Everybody knows don't get close to the nids or chaos, especially Tau with their soft and squishy shell.
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Scratchbuilding and painting:


Plague Reaper

Warhound's Necrotic Companions

Fellios the Fallen and cohorts

New table

Chaos Lord

Chosen squad

Scratchbuilt Greater Daemon

Scratchbuilt Rhino

Epic Titans

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