Sunday, May 9, 2010

Battle Report # 2 - Antibiotic Massacre Page 2

After hiding his tank away for several rounds, my opponent finally rolled out his land raider (Pic 3 Very nice paintjob). I was unfortunately too butchered at this point to do anything about it. Bucky had been immobilized, then blown up. The havocs were in tatters (Pic 1), much of the Chaos Space marine squad was sadly departed and my plague marines were still patheticly and ineffectively slogging their way across the board.
Apres se cache son land raider pour quelque parties, mon adversaire l'a sortie (Photo 3/peint tres beau). Malgre j'ai ete trop abattu pour se faire assaut. Bucky a ete immobilize, et explose finalement. Les Havocs a ete prespque tout mort, les CSM a ete tout defunt, et mes plague marines a ete trop lent a pieds.
The icon bearer did stick around long enough to guide in the daemon princess but she came in alone and so would be quickly subdued. However she did get to vomit Wind of Chaos on his devastators and scouts and took out most of the two squads in one fell swoop. That was about the only damage I did in the game and even this small consolation was almost denied me. My opponent was playing the new Blood Angels codex and apparently his librarian has a special ability whereby he can cancel all magic in a 24" radius. If he had remembered, my daemon princess' attack would have failed. Fortunately he only realized this a turn later. I think I need to read this new codex before I get steamrollered again.
Mon icon a faite poser la princesse daemon sauf et secur mais elle a arrive tout seule. Elle a reussi a vomi Wind Of Chaos dessus son Devastators et son scouts et ca a faite mort presque tout les deux squads mais ca c'est mon seule consolation. Malgre la realisation de cet evenement a ete un erreur sur le cote de mon adversaire. Il a eu un competence de arrete le magique Chaos dans un rayon de 24" mais il l'a oublie. Je pense que je dois etudier la nouvelle codex de les Blood Angels.
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