Sunday, June 13, 2010

Battle report #5b - A Mexican Standoff

The second game went better. This time it was seize ground and then spearhead again. My opponent decided to head straight for me. He got the initiative but nothing of great consequence happened in the first turn.

Here come the marines!

What I noticed right away was that my adversary left only a lone unit to hold the fort. My plan therefore was as follows.

1) Deepstrike termies into his backyard and wipe them out.

2) Use the cover to move the rest of my force into the table center and then flank the vehicles from the left with the daemon princess and all my chosen.

In flanking position

3) Camp the plague marines in the land raider (this was a modification) and the rhino on the objective.

Anybody bring marshmallows?

4) Use the expendable marines in the rhino as a tool to control the movement of the spawn and set it up for a nice assault.

The Gameplay

I took a bad hit in the beginning (either turn 1 or 2) when the vindicator smoked my obliterators. However my plan to sideswipe worked pretty well. The plasma Chosen popped the tactical rhino and then my daemon princess chewed them up. She did however get badly bruised up in the process losing 2 wounds.

Mmm, mmm. Tasty tactical squad

The termies also landed on target and although they didn't do anything with their plasma against the predator, they served their purpose of contesting the objective. I forgot the vindicator could simply turn around to blast them, but 3 of them still survived to bring the pain to the objective holders. This tactic was a gamble but critical to at least securing a tie.

Happy landings!

We're in!

From there I simply trusted in Nurgle and the fortitude of the plague marines to hold my objective. I knew my adversary would have a hell of a time popping the land raider and if he succeeded in that, he'd have to remove the plague marines, all 10! No easy task. Even in wipeout games, there's usually a few plague marines still strolling around, sniffing the flowers as bullets riddle their flesh and ricochet off their helmets.

My adversary's termies finished the princess (really, no respect for a lady!) but I was satisfied she'd wiped out most of a tactical squad.

His dreadnought charged my chosen so I threw my spawn into the mix which did nothing really but tie it up for the next few turns.

Futile for my part but worked as a delay tactic

Around my objective, my expendable CSM squad popped another rhino with their meltas and then my plague marines barbecued the survivors with flamers before hammering them with a hailstorm of bolterfire. I now have renewed respect for my plague marines. They are pretty badass against the right opponent.

Shouldn't get so cozy with plague marines

Sent the commander packin'

By the seventh turn, my adversary was hoping to crack open the land raider but failed. Thus I had the last say, which was pretty nice after all the crappy rolling I did in both games. My plague marines hopped out of the land raider, flamed the entire squad of termies 2x and rained bolter hell on them as well, mounting up 16 shots. This was enough to eliminate 3 termies, a nice surprise at the end of the game.

Final result was a tie, with 2 land raiders staring each other down, nose-to-nose. A Mexican standoff!
Barbecued termies and a Land Raider Mexican standoff



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