Sunday, June 13, 2010

Battle Report #5: Retrospective

In retrospect I (re)learned the following:

1) DON'T SPLIT UP MY FORCES! How many times do I need to learn this lesson. Every Plague Marine is precious. They are tough but they can't go it alone.

2) Use cover more. My opponent used cover to excellent advantage whereas I literally handed him an expensive Oblit. squad 2x on a platter by not sitting them in cover.

3) Make a plan and stick to it. The 2nd game went much better because I wasn't just dazzled by random targets. I had clear objectives and so could guide my units better.

4) Land Raiders kick ass! Both my opponent's and my Land Raider took so much punishment in both games without dying (actually mine might have in the 1st game but only in the final turns). I will have to try them for terminator transport.

5) Deepstrikes are a huge gamble. They can be fantastic when they go well but otherwise they're rather like bending over and waiting for the end. You take heavy abuse for your arrival turn which can easily smoke your expensive unit.

6) Double-tapping bolters is rather effective, much more so than I initially understood. Get a full squad of PMs and it could be a formidable strategy.

7) Vindicators blow (when they're in your opponent's force). I have to remember to keep my distance until I can pop it.

8) I have to read my Chaos Codex more carefully. The 'expendable' Chaos Space Marine I got so much mileage out of these two games was not legal. I mixed them up with plague marines who are able to carry 2 special weapons in a 5 man squad. CSMs can only have 1 special weapon per 5 man squad. I need a 10 man squad to field 2, which effectively makes CSMs lose most of their value. PMs however are truly an amazing value - can field 2 special weapons, fearless, feel no pain, blight grenades. Thank you Nurgle for showing me the light and bringing me back to the fold.

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