Saturday, May 15, 2010

Apocalypse Battle Report # 1: Warhound goes nuclear! Page 1

Nurgle took on a combined Nid/Necron force in a 3000 pt Apocalypse match and got slaughtered again but not without taking their pound of flesh.

Nurgle loadout was:

1 Daemon Princess
1 Sorceror
10 man Assault Chosen Squad
5 man Chaos Space marines squad
9 man Plague marines + 2 flamers + champ Powerfist squad
1o man Plague marines + 2 flamers + champ power sword
8 man raptor + 2 meltas + champ Pfist squad
2 Obliterators
2 Land Raiders
1 Warhound

Nids/Necrons loadout:

Winged Hive Tyrant, 2 brainleech devourers, hive commander
3 carnifexes heavy venom cannon and bio plasma
2x zoanthropes with drop pods x2
1 squad 14x termagaunts
1 squad 15x hormagaunts with toxin sacks, adrenal glands
1 squad genestealers
Tervigon with toxin sacks, adrenal glands and catalyst
2 monoliths
5x destroyers (psycher was here)
3x heavy destroyers
Here's the necron/Nid Blog detailing their army

The longest part of the game was setting up. The battlefield was rather cluttered which is usually good for me but probably gave a bigger advantage to the nids.

We were playing a special scenario whereby my opponent had to secretly designate 1 piece as a psycher who could contain the daemon in my warhound. This psycher could be any piece but had to be a member of a multiple piece squad. His objective was to blow up the titan, recover the head, and bring it to his deployment zone.

My objective was to expose the psycher, recover his body and bring it back to my deployment zone for genetic testing. This involved weeding him out by destroying every member of the squad in which he was hiding. The psycher was invulnerable to all damage which is one way he could have been exposed. However, in destroying his squad, the psycher would also have been exposed because the shock would have forced him to succumb to a coma.

The scenario is described in greater detail here.

1st turn I gave setup to my opponent and then regretted it when he popped a land raider, and shot my sorceror & obliterators to bits before I even got a chance to try them. However the warhound paid back the slight in kind by roasting most of a hormagaunt squad with 2 shots from the plasma blastgun. Most notable however was the turbo laser destructor. This thing is mean! Auto penetration, ignores cover, +1 vehicle damage rolls, autowounds, instant death or 1 wound if target is immune to instant death. The warhound aced the 3 carnifexes in one shot, pretty much covering his purchase price in points destroyed. Meanwhile the plague princess and my FW plague marine squad finished off most of a termagaunt squad birthed by the Tervigon.
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