Friday, May 7, 2010

Battle Report #1: Plague Princess Goes to War for the 1st Time Part 4

Lots of action in the next 2 turns. The hive tyrant continued to amuse itself with the razorbacks and 2 zoanthropes popped in using a mycetic spore to harass the devilfish. The princess spewed nastiness (Wind of Chaos) on the marines in the drop pod who were then mopped up by the tyranid warriors. My plague Marines got to the objective, but between barbecuing the Kroot and seeing their old uncorrupted friends the space marines they forgot to pick it up and be on their way. My raptors also popped in to negligible effect with their meltas.

The Tau deep striked a squad that got banished to the far corners of the universe due to a deepstrike mishap. You can see them way at the other side of the table where I circled them in white. The Tau command popped in via deep strike as well and got swamped from all sides by genestealers, my plague princess, and a squad of plague marines with 3 flamers.
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