Friday, May 7, 2010

Battle Report #1: Plague Princess Goes to War for the 1st Time Part 3

I believe this was still Turn 1 but I could be mistaken. Marines came in with their drop pod and out jumped a ? squad, I forget the name. Bucky was happy to have such close targets as were the Nids. Squashed between tyranid warriors, hive guard, and Bucky; it didn't look good for the marines. Meanwhile the Hive Tyrant went off to play with the rhinos. Actually I think they were being used as proxies for Razorbacks. One guy's head got squashed into mulch hence the dude on top to remind everybody he's dead. There was also a Tau Devilfish maybe?

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Scratchbuilding and painting:


Plague Reaper

Warhound's Necrotic Companions

Fellios the Fallen and cohorts

New table

Chaos Lord

Chosen squad

Scratchbuilt Greater Daemon

Scratchbuilt Rhino

Epic Titans

Team game battle reports

Heretics of the Broken Dawn 2 x2

Lady Pestilence’s' 1st Outing

Regular Battle reports

Scrapyard Blues

Making Don’s BA sweat

First time facing pure Necrons

Christmas with the Greenskins

Don’s IG on a new board

Nurgle Annihilated by Blood Angels

1st time versus Tarkand

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The betrayal of Fellios and the fall of Engel Sarg

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Chester gets schooled by the Eldar!

Experimental Games

NERFed Battle with the Tau


Easter Egg hunt

Super Heavy Scrum

1st Spearhead Match

A tenuous alliance


Chaos Ludik 2011!

Storms Cityfight Tournament: part 2

Storms Cityfight Tournament: part 1

’Ard Boyz Practice Match against Valkom’s IG

Game Summit

Random stuff

Gorillapod tripod test with remote

Warhammer in a nutshell

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