Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Battle Report #4 - Easter Egg Hunt - Page 4

By the end of turn 3, several loose ends were wrapped up. Managed to bump off the Exarch finally but took another wound in the process, bringing me up to 3 wounds. Meanwhile I still had this nasty Trygon and Hive Tyrant to contend with. My Chaos Space Marines were way overwhelmed but that was fine because they were extremely cheap and I use them just to fill my troop slots. They provided a decent distraction that allowed my land raiders to roll away unmolested.
Still the Exarch left

I'm free! But still have these guys in my backyard.

The broken Swooping Hawks were still running away but had one last hoorah before they bid everyone farewell.
Broken Swooping Hawks: Toodle-oo

By this point everyone was conscious of the threat level posed by the Nids, so there was some consolidation with all three armies concentrating firepower on them. I tenderized the Hiva Tyrant a wee bit with one of my lascannons. I also tried to spew goo on the the Tyrant and the Trygon but my spell failed since the Eldar had some anti-magic thing going on. With one wound left, the princess died from the perils of the warp. Then I got to place the Tau crisis suits when they had a deepstrike mishap. Gambling that the Tau commander wouldn't decide I was a better target, I placed him in good shooting range of the Trygon. They succeeded in dusting the Hive Tyrant before he put a few more dents in my land raiders.

The arrival of the Tau in all their glory by deepstrike ensured that several big bugs would go down.
The tau are here!

Turn 4 saw the bloodshed mount.
Turn 4

After disgorging its load of plague marines on the zoanthropes, my first land raider had a choice of targets. In a show of good faith I decided not to target the Tau skimmer and took potshots at the Tervigon which largely failed since she was out of range. My 2nd land raider was more effective since it iced a Zoanthrope. You can still see its buddy in the pic below.
Tau Skimmer or Tervigon?

After he dined on my Chaos Space Marines, I had one chance to cripple the Trygon before he popped my tank. I ripped into him with two sets of Lascannons and heavy bolters and knocked off four wounds. Unfortunately it was still standing. The good news however was that the crisis suits were still there to finish the job.
After finishing lunch (CSMs)the Trygon considers bashing up a Land Raider

Trygon Executioners

The hormagaunts managed to make it to another Tau position, the Tervigon had collected a lot of eggs and was making a rush for the Nid basket and the Tau succeeded in popping the Eldar Falcon, conveniently dropping 2 eggs in my basket.
More lunch for the Nids!

Mama's bringin' home the eggs!

Free eggs home delivered!



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