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Battle Report: New Board - Death Guard vs. Lions of Achaea

This was my first 40k match at the cottage on a brand new board. It doesn't get any better than this! Actually it was my 2nd since I didn't photograph the first but who's counting?

With a blowtorch, some plastic cement, a soldering iron, a bag of sand and a bottle of black tiny stones, I set to work in the morning and banged (burned) out this board in 4 hours. I was going to paint it but my adversary and I discovered that it looked pretty cool as is. So be it.

New Board

The game was capture & control and dawn of war. We didn't have any forest so we designated the sandy areas as duststorms (aka area terrain that provided 4+ cover by obscuring LOS -think smoke).

Death Guard Loadout:

Chaos Lord Lightning Claws

2x 7 man Chosen squads with 5 plasma each in rhinos with dozers

2x 7 man Death Guard squads with 2 flamers, power fist each in Land Raiders


Lions of Achaea Loadout (from what I remember):

Librarian in Terminator Armour

5 termies

3 tactical squads +transports +lascannon

2 Land Speeders


Autocannon Fitted Predator


I almost forgot to take photos so they only start in turn 3. Mostly nothing of great import happened in the beginning save I fended off some particularly nasty incursions into my side of the board. He installed a tactical squad with a multi-melta in the bunker that I put my objective way to close to. Meant my land raiders were seriously at risk so I fired everything at the bunker, shook up the contents one round (no shooting) and then popped and emptied the bunker in the next.

My spawn got excited about this and tried to lavish scything affection on the now sortied squad but the terminators wounded him so badly before he got there that he just died quickly in close combat.

Excited Spawn soon to be Dead Spawn

Then he tried to outflank me with his land speeders equipped with meltas. The land raider dropped one and my Chosen outflanked his other, 10 plasma shots doing the trick. This meant my land raiders would be reasonably safe now.

Dead Land Speeder - Preferable to dead Land Raider

Indeed, despite having devastators, a dreadnought, and a razorback firing away at me all game with lascannons, I did not lose my objective holding land raider.

The Firing Line

I did immobilize one though trying to get through difficult terrain so I decided that I will put dozer blades on my land raiders as soon as possible.

Dozer Blade Possibilities

Dozer Blade Possibilities 2

UPDATE! Success: my final version

UPDATE! Dozer blade up

My adversary paid me back for the land speeders by destroying my 2nd squad of chosen's rhino transport. This sucked because they were seriously far away and I was going to use them to contest his objective as my winning coup. Instead my chosen were footslogging it.

Outflank from the far right; seemed like a good idea until the rhino got popped

Meanwhile he tried to rush a squad of tacticals forward to contest my objective. I popped it with my 1st Chosen squad who miraculously were still alive and then shot up the survivors with my waiting land raider. One marine remained with a flamer and he teamed up with the dreadnought to close assault the chosen.

Lone Survivor

That close assault got decidedly bizarre because I managed to roll a ridiculous number of hits on the dreadnought despite needing 6s. I missed with my first meltabomb but the fight dragged on to another round and I hit again (another 6) finishing the job with yet another meltabomb.

Dead Dreadnought

I've never seen the Chosen behaving so ferociously. They usually get shot to bits.

Meanwhile, I decided this game was going to be a draw if I did not do something dramatic. I rushed forward with the 2nd land raider and hoped for the best. The best almost happened because both a meltagun and an s10 librairian attack failed to stop me. However he got a lucky missile launcher shot and immobilized me. This resulted in a crazy battle as my plague marine squad unloaded and gave them hell.

Barbecued Tacticals

Even the 2nd squad of chosen made it after running for several turns, letting loose with their plasma on the termies. Caught between the chosen and the land raider, the librairian kissed the big one (my adversary gambled that he'd make his 3+ invulnerable save against the lascannon; I probably would have done the same) and the tacticals and the termies were soon chewed up in close combat.

Plague Marines and Chosen did a good job cleaning out this section of the board

Alas, although my troops performed admirably, I did not get close enough to contest the objective and the game ended as a draw. I was more than content as I play primarily to blow things up and butcher my adversaries, and I got to do more than my fair share of this in this game, a great time against a strong opponent.

So close but so far (tea candle is the objective)

In retrospect, it's a very interesting loadout that I fielded. I put it together fast but it worked well. The land raiders last much longer as well when they have cover. In our first game together, my opponent blew them up fairly quickly with all his firepower. Having both still functioning (albeit immobilized) was therefore a nice turn of events. And the new board rocks. I will enjoy exploring all the strategic possibilities of it in the future.

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