Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blog Contents/ Tables des matières

Scratchbuilding and painting:

New terrain piece


Nurgle Lord with super goo sprayer (the Burning Brand of Skalathrax)

Nurgle sorceror

6th edition chaos units

Even newer plague marine

Even newer than new plague marine

Plague Reaper

Warhound's Necrotic Companions

Not yer grandma's scratchbuilt Heldrake

Cheap Autocannons

Fellios the Fallen and cohorts

New table

Chaos Lord

Chosen squad

Scratchbuilt Greater Daemon

Scratchbuilt Rhino

Epic Titans

Team game battle reports

Heretics of the Broken Dawn 2 x2

Lady Pestilence’s' 1st Outing

Regular 7th Edition Battle reports

Cutting the teeth of my Broken Nurgle Flyer list on a Tau Tidewall Rampart

Regular 6th Edition Battle reports

Tau versus Death Guard: 1st 6th Edition Game

Necron versus Death Guard

Space Wolf versus Death Guard on Dokclaw's awesome new table

Regular 5th Edition Battle reports

Scrapyard Blues

Making Don’s BA sweat

First time facing pure Necrons

Christmas with the Greenskins

Don’s IG on a new board

Nurgle Annihilated by Blood Angels

1st time versus Tarkand

Mexican standoff: 2nd Game vs. Tarkand

Nurgle Downs the Sisters

Faceoff with the Lions of Achaea on a brand new board

Tight match against Corbeau’s Nids

The death of Pedro Kantor

Apocalypse battle reports

Victoria Day Apocalypse smackdown (6th Ed.)

La Chute de Dominus Org (Fr.)

Fall of Dominus Org (Eng.)

The betrayal of Fellios and the fall of Engel Sarg

Chester’s first outing and first time going Nuclear!

Chester gets schooled by the Eldar!

Experimental Games

Risk 2020 meets Planetary Onslaught: 3 way Cities of Death! *7th Ed.

Risk 2020 meets 40k: a 3 way game

1st Planetstrike game against the Lions of Achaea

NERFed Battle with the Tau


Easter Egg hunt

Super Heavy Scrum

1st Spearhead Match

A tenuous alliance


Chaos Ludik 2012!

Chaos Ludik 2011!

Storms Cityfight Tournament: part 2

Storms Cityfight Tournament: part 1

Storm's Planetary Empires Campaign

’Ard Boyz Practice Match against Valkom’s IG

Game Summit


Pinhole campaign

Campaign Summary
Une course effrénée (version Française)
La Green Tide intarissable (version Française)
A mad dash (English version)
Green Tide without end (English version)

40k Rumour Mongering & Theorizing

My 6th Edition Chaos Wishlist

Thoughts on the 6th edition Chaos Codex

Random stuff

Gorillapod tripod test with remote

Warhammer in a nutshell

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