Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mad Dash - Une Course effrénée

Fellios has made it through the Pinhole, and the progression of Fellios' illness is advanced. His skin has turned a sickly mottled sheen of bluish green and huge wings have sprouted from his shoulders. Worse still his mind is slowly slipping away as the rot eats away at him.

Now he has discovered hostile forces await him at the other side of the Pinhole. A necron army has been following him in an effort to recover their artefact. They pursue him down to a nearby planet's surface, where he attempts to escape using one of the Stormraven's onboard his cruiser.

Intel from the ship's scanners inform him that the planet is host to curious natural phenomena that include a thick jungle like forest with very dense undergrowth. If he can make it to the undergrowth, his pursuers will have to follow on foot and would lose the advantage of their superior transports.

If that was not enough, a mysterious force of Chaos has come to destroy him as an affront to Father Nurgle who is patiently awaiting the development of his latest biological experiment. Shots starts to ricochet off the hull as they use the Stormraven for a little target practice.

With a loud booming explosion, the engines blow out on Fellios' Stormraven and he tries to glide it towards the protection of the jungle growth. Will he make it? Only time will tell, and for Fellios, his time is short...

This is a three player scenario, 1 Chaos player, 1 Necron player, and one Blood Angels player to represent Fellios.

The Chaos player and the Necron player have similar conditions for victory:

The Chaos player simply wants to kill Fellios and drag the corpse home as a trophy. If the Chaos player removes Fellios' last wound, and carries the corpse off their table edge, Chaos wins. Any Chaos unit that comes into base to base contact with the corpse of Fellios is considered to be carrying him.

The necron player wants to kill Fellios and recover the artefact. If a Necron unit is in base to base contact with the corpse of Fellios, they are considered to have grabbed the artefact. They can then achieve victory by moving off their table edge.

The BA player wants to get Fellios to the jungle, dead or alive. If Fellios loses his last wound, a BA unit can pick him up as part of their move and carry him to the jungle edge.

Once a unit is carrying either the artefact or Fellios, they will not drop them unless killed.

Each player starts with 1500 points with no restrictions on their choices except for the BA player who must take a Stormraven and Astorath the Grim (aka Fellios). The Stormraven begins the game immobilized.

Fellios (Astorath) has the Eternal Warrior special rule due to the artefact which he wears around his neck.

Once per turn in any of the player turns, Father Nurgle will decide to meddle with the events of the battle. The BA player can take control of any player's ELITE, TROOP, or FAST ATTACK unit and use it as his own. This includes control of a unit's transport.

The Necron and the Chaos player roll for initiative every turn. The BA player always goes third.

Designate one short end of the table as being the jungle fellios is trying to reach.

The Necron and the Chaos player deploy along the long table edges as per the Pitched Battle deployment.

Fellios deploys by rolling 6d6 and placing the Stormraven that many inches along the centre line of the table with its nose facing the jungle. This represents how far Fellios was able to glide before he was shot down. All the BA units then deploy within 12 inches of the Stormraven (6 inches if in front of the nose).

The game then begins and will have the same number of turns as a standard game (ends on a 4+ at the end of turn 5 and a 3+ at the end of turn 6).

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