Saturday, March 3, 2012

Green Tide without End

After a harrowing passage through the Pinhole, a small exploratory force of Black templar break off from the main cruiser to explore a small unidentified planet that emerges on their sensors. There they discover an ancient fortress built from an unknown black stone. It is seemingly abandoned and they settle in, using it as a base of operations from which to scour the planet for evidence of the fugitive Fellios. However, they make a further discovery that the fortress still boasts formidable defenses and weapon systems. Massive flamers jut from each corner of the squarish edifice fuelled by huge stores of yet another unknown combustible substance in the lower reaches of the fortress. This would all have been accepted as rather fortunate if not for a final disturbing discovery.

Past all the fuel cisterns, deep in the very bowels of the fortress, they discover a globular device that hangs suspended in mid air with no apparent means of support. Covered in glyphs of arcane origins, the device is lowering the temperature all around it to near freezing indicating it is transmitting a powerful psychic energy.

The first response is to demand its immediate destruction but having no understanding of its power, the Black templar commander is uncertain of the consequences. It could detonate and take the whole system with it and their primary mission is to apprehend the fugitive Fellios. Finally, they seal the entranceway to the chamber that houses the device and they redouble their efforts to scout the planet surface.

It is a desolate planet with strange ugly vegetation consisting mostly of trees with horribly twisted bare trunks and limbs that grow out of a grayish desert. The nightmarish quality of the landscape is emphasized by a washed out grayish light that illuminates the surface during daylight hours. For the squads on scouting detail, it is a grim task, cutting through brambles and passing through dark forests. It was in one of these horrible forests that a neophyte squad make a nasty discovery. They are not alone!

The game begins with a brief kill team match. The Black Templar have stumbled upon some feral Orks, the other denizens of the fortress’ environs. Each side has 200 points.

Use these rules but ignore scoring and victory conditions and awards sections:

This is a simple annihilation match, the outcome of which will affect initiative and units for the next game.

If the last man standing is an ork, it finds its way to the fortress and alerts its friends. In the following battle, due to the element of surprise, the orks get +1 to their initiative roll and can take any unit they want in their codex. The Black templar get -1 to their initiative roll and cannot use the Apocalyptic flamers for the first turn of the game. In turn 2, only 2 of the flamers will function (players choice). They weren’t ready for the assault.

If the last man standing is a Black Templar, the Black Templar get +1 to their initiative roll and have full use of the flamers from turn 1. They have been forewarned by their scouts that there are hostile forces on the planet. The Orks get -1 to their initiative roll and cannot take any heavy support units in their codex.

The assault on the fortress

This is an annihilation match but don’t bother tallying kills. The Black templar will be overrun but the question is whether or not reinforcements will arrive in time.

Black templar have 2000 points. Orks begin with 2500.

Playing surface is a 4x4 table. Place a 1 foot square fortress (use a ruin with something to represent walls around it) at the center of the table. Each wall of the fortress has armour 14. Units can fire out but they cannot be targeted within until a wall falls. All the black templar deploy within. Orks walk on from any table edge during their turn.

There are 4 flamers in each corner of the fortress controlled by the BT player. Flamers fire apocalyptic size flamer templates, are strength 5 AP4 but are destructible with armour 13. Glancing hits do nothing but penetrating hits knock them out automatically.

If any troop or fast attack Ork unit is wiped out, it comes back the following turn.

If any ork breaches the walls of the fortress, one of the black templar will start to hear voices instructing him to slash his throat and bleed out on the device. If the Black Templar player heeds these voices, he can activate the device by removing one of his models. This can be done during either player’s turn at any time. The activation will instantly annihilate any Ork unit on the battlefield. However the blast will disable all the flamers and each unit of Black Templar will need to roll to see if it succumbs to the call of the warp. On a 4+ on a d6 they acquire the following universal rules as they twist and convert into mindless killing machines:

Feel No pain
Furious Charge

Should the BT player survive until the beginning of his 4th turn, the cruiser in space will start dropping orbital bombardments on the greenskins. In the fourth and any following turns, the BT player will get d6 S10 AP2 blasts per turn that he can drop on the Ork’s heads during his shooting phase.

As per normal 40k rules, the game ends on a 4+ at the end of the 5th turn, a 3+ at the end of the 6th turn and automatically at the end of the seventh turn. If any black templar units survive to the end of the game, the BT win as they have been saved by reinforcements from the cruiser above. Keep note if any Chaos infested units survive as well. Otherwise, it’s an ork victory.

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