Monday, October 8, 2012

6th Edition Chaos Units

New Plague Marine
Nouvelle marine de la Peste

A new Codex has made it necessary to produce a bunch of new models. For 6th, shooting is king, so I've added a few squads of plasma plague marines. Not only that, the champ with combi option is reasonably priced, so I stripped a few of my champs and started over with some new combi plasmas. This is one of the plasma footsoldiers.

New Lord
Nouveau seigneur

Since I hated the new Chaos models so much (Dark Vengeance being the exception of course), I had to develop some proxies.

This guy was a proxy for the Forgefiend. I played him twice, once in a friendly game and once at Chaos Ludik. In both cases, it never succeeded in firing a shot. The main problems with it are price (170 points), range (it only shoots 36 inches which means it needs to roll forward a turn before it can take a shot), and fragility (1 volley of missiles and it's dead). Something that sucks this badly isn't even useful in friendly games, so I recycled it.

The original inspiration for the tracks was from the GW omnibus, The Wordbearers. There's a character, Darioq-Grendha'al, that becomes a corrupted dark mechanicus techno-magi. He has an upper body attached to a tracked lower body with tons of mechatendrils. The Forgefiend kind of looked the part but after thinking it over a bit, I had the perfect inspiration: a Chaos Lord on Palanquin.

It fits perfectly. I've always hated the fluff for the Palanquin. It did not seem very sci-fi to have some lord dude carried into battle on a very exposed stretcher. The idea of a cyborg hooked into a tracked vehicle is much cooler. All weapon options are magnetized so I can use him as a Warpsmith as well. Here's the result, still unpainted, and still needing a bit of modding work:

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